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Best Neighborhoods in LA for Young Families Moving From Philadelphia

Best Neighborhoods in LA for Young Families Moving From Philadelphia

Moving to LA is the dream for many people around the world, especially young families. Everyone wants to be in the spotlight, in the world capital of movies and rock n’ roll. But LA is not all glamour and the lifestyle that follows. Young families can find peaceful, dream-like neighborhoods around the city. Colleges and universities are of top quality, and there are many places where you and your family can go to have fun and relax. Many people come to LA to advance their careers because, here, business is booming. If you’re looking to call LA your new home, you might consider hiring some of the best interstate movers. For those who are yet undecided, let’s get familiarized with some of the best neighborhoods in LA for young families moving from Philadelphia.

What do young families need to look out for when moving?

Moving to a new city and a new neighborhood as a young family is not always easy. The kids are often tied to the place they grew up in until now, and they adapt more slowly. However, they all eventually adapt, find new friends and move on. If you want to help your kids adapt without much trouble, you might consider timing your move from Philadelphia so that they begin a school year in LA. A fresh start is a great way for them to turn the page in case they’re not too happy about the move. Hiring unreliable movers result in delayed relocation, so find the best cross county movers Philadelphia offers to ensure kids make it to the school year’s start.

A white car parked under the palms
Explore some of the best neighborhoods in LA for young families moving from Philadelphia.

Another thing to look out for when moving to LA as a young family is the neighborhood’s safety. There are many different communities in the city, and not all places are safe. However, once you’re done reading this article, hopefully, you’ll make a sound choice.

Finally, proximity to school can greatly impact the dynamics of your family’s everyday life. Having to drop them off long distances can leave less time for other occasions, and it will be harder for you to let your kids go alone. On the other hand, if the school is close to their new home, they can start familiarizing themselves with their surroundings much sooner.

Best neighborhoods in LA for young families moving from Philadelphia

For this, we made a list of some of the best neighborhoods in LA for young families moving from Philly. Of course, there are more options for you to consider. You can use the same parameters we did when exploring the rest of the options on neighborhoods. Check for the crime rate, prices, schools, and what each neighborhood offers for fun. Also, consider getting help with your moving day from long distance movers Philadelphia offers. Other neighborhoods that we can recommend are:

  • Santa Monica
  • Brentwood
  • Culver City
  • Los Feliz
  • Playa Vista

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock gets its name from an indentation in the big rock overlooking the neighborhood. During some hours of the day, shadows make a picture of an eagle mid-fly. Eagle Rock is one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods in Los Angeles County. This neighborhood gives vibes of mixing suburban and urban feelings. It is very welcoming for newly wedded or families who are expecting a baby. Crime rates are low, public schools are above average, and most own their property here.

A Mariachi Band Playing in Front of the Pasadena City Hall
Enjoy the beautiful architectural styles and culture you can find in Pasadena

Of course, you can find a home to rent if you are not looking to buy. You can find a lot of shops, bars, and markets within walking distance. This means that it allows you to enjoy spending your time outside in the world. Eagle Rock is exactly what a couple could want when picking a place for a young family in LA. 


Another beautiful place to live in LA county is Pasadena city, and it’s a big change from Philadelphia. Pasadena has a lot of necessary amenities and is rated highly for those on the list of places to live. This will allow you to get a large city feel, even tho you would be in the suburbs. The city is also very well known for its architecture. Enjoy different architectural styles such as the American craftsman style on Gamble House and Spanish Colonial Revival found in beautiful Pasadena City Hall. Even though Pasadena is located 10 miles from downtown LA, don’t think you won’t find nightlife here.

Old Pasadena is a famous part that offers great dining, clubs, and all you need for a night in the town. Most people here are renting their place, as prices can get a bit high. Take this into account when choosing the best neighborhood in LA. If you need help moving to Pasadena, you can call moving companies for assistance.

A beach in one of the neighborhoods in LA for young families moving from Philadelphia
If you love spending your days at the beach, Mar Vista and Burbank are close to Venice beach

Mar Vista

Mar Vista is an LA neighborhood known for its great weather. It offers a lot of parks, bars, and coffee shops within walking distance. Residents in this area say it is a safe, nice place, making it perfect for young families from Philadelphia. It is dog friendly, with many sidewalks and parks where you can spend time with your pet. If you don’t already have a pet, it is still good to know this if you decide to get one in the future.

You can find houses in mid-century style and apartments here that will be affordable. A lot of people are coming to Mar Vista exactly for this. You can get an affordable home with more space than in other neighborhoods.


Considered one of the best neighborhoods in LA for young families moving from Philadelphia, Burbank is a city with a population of 103,703. If you choose to make Burbank your new home, you will have a peaceful, nice life. Most people rent their homes here, but properties are also for sale. Burbank is a very safe city as well, and it has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole USA. Schools are good, and there are a lot of public spaces and restaurants. The most famous thing about this city that can also grant a lot of fun times is Universal Studios and its tours. If you love spending a day out with your family, the beach is also not far away from here. You will only need to cross 17 miles to get to Venice Beach.

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